Sunday Shout-Out: BrickLink

It seems that lots of kids with autism enjoy legos a great deal.  There are probably lots of good reasons, and I can think of a few: You can certainly make order out of the chaos of a bunch of … Continue reading


Pets & Guilt

Every boy needs a dog, right?  Ugh.  I really suffer major guilt in this department.  The Boy loves animals.  I mean LOVES animals.  Sometimes I think it’s the real reason he is always so thrilled to go to his dad’s … Continue reading


The Boy’s Poem

Every once in awhile, some piece of work will come home from school with The Boy that gives me a glimpse inside my son’s brain that I never had before.  I end up with a goofy grin and tears, all … Continue reading


The Struggle With Outerwear

The Boy has long had issues with clothing.  Last year, it became a big problem when he would refuse to wear his coat during the winter, or would wear it, grudgingly, but refuse to zip it up.  It gets COLD … Continue reading


One of the Toughest Things

One of the toughest things about autism is its unpredictability, which has a certain sense of irony, doesn’t it?  The person with autism relies on predictability, craves it, seeks it out, and yet the disorder itself, for those of us on the outside, has it’s own set of rules, or more like a general sense of chaos.  Just when you think your kid has a handle on the process of setting out clothes the night before, and understanding that we can’t wait until bedtime to decide to wear something already in the dirty clothes, here comes a  curveball: “Where’s the sweatshirt that goes with these pants?”  You know, the sweatshirt that got donated a year ago because it had a blob of glue on it…

And I have no solution.  I try to distract, suggest alternatives, to no avail.  “I’ll just spend all night looking for it,” says he.  No, no you won’t.  You’re going to be miserable, making me miserable until you pass out, which most likely will not be until the wee hours of the morning.  And I can only hope you can move past this in the morning, or the first hour of my morning will be a trial, too.

Damn you, sweatshirt-with-the-blob-of-glue.  Damn you.


Dear Me, Back Then

I was painfully shy as a kid, and pretty much a loner.  I had friends, but I was not the type to have a ton of friends (until I found some like-minded individuals in high school), and I was often … Continue reading


Avocado Angst

Avocado sandwich

Avocado sandwich (Photo credit: Niklas)

I have mentioned before how I am having trouble with my avocados in my lunch.  I am still loving my avocado-hummus-cucumber sandwich, but it is really kind of ridiculous what a mess I am making each morning with the darn avocado.

I tried mashing them, and that seemed to work, but then my friend brought in lunch for us for the next few days, and the avocado mash, well, started to look like something meant for the bathroom rather than the kitchen (did I go to far, there? Um…  Sorry).

I have tried leaving the pit in for some stability.  I have used a regular sharp knife, and I have used an avocado knife, all to no avail.  I am still on the hunt for a solution.  Reader Holly, suggested slicing it, and leaving the skin on until placing it in the sandwich.  I am going to try that next.

Any other suggestions?


Sunday Shout-Out: My New-ish Community

Since I started this blog in July, I have come across some really fantastic people who are also blogging about having kids with special needs, and they have been warm and welcoming.  I am beginning to have a sense of community I have been unable to find until now.  I am taking time this Sunday to highlight some of these people, and their favorite posts of mine, in the hope that you will go and check out their blogs.

Bec Oakley at Snagglebox

Leah Kelley at Thirty Days of Autism

Ellen Seidman at Love That Max

Ariane Zurcher at Emma’s Hope Book

Leigh Merryday at Flappiness Is…

Happy reading!


Bullying at the Bounce House

Let me start out by saying that the word “bully” is being misused a million times a day.  Being bullied means that you have been a repeated target of someone who makes verbal or physical attacks on you.  You have … Continue reading


Birthdays Past and Present

It is my birthday!  Notice the exclamation point there?  Yep.  For someone fast approaching 40, you may not expect me to be at all excited about this anniversary of my birth, so very long ago.  Except that I am.  Here’s … Continue reading