Sunday Shout-Out: My New-ish Community

Since I started this blog in July, I have come across some really fantastic people who are also blogging about having kids with special needs, and they have been warm and welcoming.  I am beginning to have a sense of community I have been unable to find until now.  I am taking time this Sunday to highlight some of these people, and their favorite posts of mine, in the hope that you will go and check out their blogs.

Bec Oakley at Snagglebox

Leah Kelley at Thirty Days of Autism

Ellen Seidman at Love That Max

Ariane Zurcher at Emma’s Hope Book

Leigh Merryday at Flappiness Is…

Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Shout-Out: My New-ish Community

  1. Hi Annie, thanks for the shout out! Right back at ya kiddo, it’s been really nice to meet you too. I’m so glad you started writing because I really love reading your blog.

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