He loves so deeply.

The Boy, soon to be a man, is quite upset. His favorite counselor is leaving his after school program at the Autism Society. Today is her last day, and no one has outright told him or prepared him. Yet he knew.

Last night, he hesitated for a minute when I asked if he wanted to snuggle. I knew he needed some extra TLC. I offered again, and he came and snuggled with me, falling asleep for about twenty minutes. This heavy boy, with so much hair, and his steady breathing on my neck. I didn’t dare move. Because he needed it. To be held, to be protected and told everything was going to be okay. After while, he woke up and wandered back to his room.

When he woke up this morning, he took extra time snoozing and hanging out in his pajamas, whimpering every time he thought about this being her last day. I was cheerleading, getting him to do the each thing in his routine, but trying to give him space. He expressed his wish that it was this past Monday, just so he could have more time with her.

He’s been left so many times. And he loves so deeply.