The Boy’s Poem

Every once in awhile, some piece of work will come home from school with The Boy that gives me a glimpse inside my son’s brain that I never had before.  I end up with a goofy grin and tears, all at once.  The other day, The Boy brought this home, and I have reprinted it with his permission.  I have changed only the parts that identify our real names and where we live.


(The Boy’s first name)

Blonde, Smart, Tall, Funny

Son of (my full name)

Lover of computers, School, and drawing

Who feels happy, loved, and proud

Who finds happiness in drawing, working on the computer, and spending time with my mom

Who needs love, a computer, and my mom

Who gives hugs, my friendship, and my artwork

Who fears getting a shot, fire drills, and loud noises

Who would like to see Cedar Pointe, the ocean, and (our local) High School

Who enjoys playing on the computer, drawing, and watching movies

Who likes to wear t-shirts, running pants, and my new shoes

Who dreams of being a gym teacher, a computer programmer, and a computer game maker

(The Boy’s last name)



I read this and think that I must be doing something right.  Keep up the good work, little man.  Love you.




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