Red Tape is a Killer

Child Support stopped without my knowledge. Friend of the Court said they sent me something that had to be sent back saying The Boy was still in high school. I call BS. Yes, we moved in July, but also YES, I have mail forwarding, so what gives?

In order to get it reinstated, I have to petition the court for a hearing… Nuh-uh. Pay money to them because they screwed up, travel 14 hours for their mistake? NOPE. Luckily, The Boy’s dad has agreed to pay me as court ordered outside of the system. Fingers crossed this is something he will actually follow through on.

I now have guardianship of The Boy. Man was that a fun process (NOT). And I’ve been going round and round with Walmart pharmacy who cut off my access to his prescriptions even though I have reams of proof that I am his guardian. The store sent me to the customer service line who had no clue, but eventually sent me to the website to create his own account, which wouldn’t verify him and is now sending me back to… you guessed it! THE STORE! To produce a non-existent photo ID so they can verify The Boy is actually The Boy.

And we narrowly averted having to schedule another appointment with a psychologist to “re-do” his autism diagnosis to satisfy new Medicaid requirements for his after school program. Rumor is Medicaid is requiring this every 3 years now… Even though Autism never goes away…

So, I’m done fighting today. I can only be a warrior so many hours a day.

I hope the rest of you are winning your personal battles. And that you never have to deal with Walmart.