The Struggle With Outerwear

The Boy has long had issues with clothing.  Last year, it became a big problem when he would refuse to wear his coat during the winter, or would wear it, grudgingly, but refuse to zip it up.  It gets COLD here, and we had to find a way to work around this, as walking around without a coat or a coat unzipped is a surefire way to get hypothermia or some other nasty downside to living so far north.  The Boy’s teacher came up with a chart.  It had a drawing of an overcoat, just like  The Boy’s coat (so smart!) and a thermometer down the side, delineated with rainbow colors marking ranges of temperature.  Each color band was labeled with the type of outerwear appropriate, and the amount it needed to be zipped, for example, 50-60 degrees would say “jacket, half-zipped” or something similar.

Using this, in combination with Swackett, virtually eliminated all of our struggles at home and at school.  Consistency was a big part of this.  They had a copy at school, and I had a copy at home, so the “rules” were the same, and therefore predictable for The Boy.

This year, I tried to find our graphic from last year and couldn’t.  The Boy’s teacher tried to find it as well, and came up with a newer version, using pictures of his favorite character to help hammer the point home.  They have a copy at school, I have a copy at home, and there’s a copy posted at Kids Club, this year, too.

A few days ago, we were getting ready to head out the door, and I reminded The Boy that he needed his coat.  He didn’t object, but questioned me when I suggested hat and mittens, too (already such a chilly fall!). I said, “Let’s check the chart!” knowing full well that the chart says “hat & mittens below 45 degrees”.  We opened the Swackett app on my phone, and sure enough it was right at 45 degrees.  He balked until I showed him that it felt like 35 degrees, according to the app.  At that point, he turned around, and put on his hat and mittens, no muss, no fuss.

Love it.


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