Single Mom Resources

The following sites, books, and resources have helped me and continue to help me:

Single Mom Blogs/Communities

These are/were my big three.  There are others, that you will no doubt find, but these were the ones that made the most sense to me, and were the least judgmental, and to which I have remained true over the yeaars.  Ms. Single Mama has just announced that she is moving on to a new blog, shared with her new husband, but I think she intends to at least maintain the old MSM site, and there is plenty there to reference.


Ms. Single Mama

Single Mom Seeking


There are lots of self-help books about how to handle the aftermath of a divorce, but again, these were the ones that spoke to me, and from which I learned a bit about myself.

On Your Own Again by Keith Anderson, M.D., with Roy MacSkimming

The Divorced Girls’ Society: Your Initiation Into the Club You Thought You’d Never Join by Vicki King and Jennifer O’Connell

The Truth About Children and Divorce by Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.


Regardless of your politics, Huffpost has a relatively new, and excellent divorce resource.  You may not always agree with the articles (I don’t), but they are food for thought.

Also, consider joining a yahoo divorce group.  I did for awhile, until I didn’t feel like I needed anyone’s advice.  Take care before you post to it, however.  You have to take every response with a grain of salt, and you may not like what others have to say.  Some are judgmental, and others are just trying to give you some “tough love”.  It is a resource, in any case.  Take and use it how you need to.

One of the most common pieces of divorce advice is to get out and DO something that you enjoy.  One way to find something to do is through Meetup.  Check out why people are meeting in your area, whether it’s a book club, a dance club, or a dog lovers group, and see if there is something of interest!

If there’s something I’ve missed, let me know, and I would be glad to add it!


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