New Steps: Weighty Issue Update

I recently wrote about the need to get off my butt more, move more, and lose a little weight.  I have found a free app to limit my computer time, called Time Out Free.  It fades out your computer at an interval that you set, for an amount of time that you set.  It seems to be working for me.  It’s a visual cue that I have been on the computer for long enough, so I need to get up and go do something else.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always translate that the “something else” is get on the bike, or break out the yoga mat.  Sometimes, it’s even, take a break from the computer, so go check out what’s going on on my phone… But, I do have some self-discipline, so I’ve been recognizing that temptation, as well, and not succumbing to it as much.

What about motivation to exercise, then?  That’s where I’m hoping comes in.  This site encourages you toward your fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, or to be more healthy in general.  It includes a food diary (which I think is an excellent idea – the diary I kept for 3 days really made me stop and think about what I was putting in my mouth), exercise log, challenges and groups to join if you want, and an inspiration feed to which you can add something you are proud of or something with which you are struggling.  It also allows you to choose a reward for yourself, and lets you post a picture front and center of that reward, so that you are motivated to reach the next level.  You get points for participating in all of those options, and also just for checking in daily.

I am going to be working for this swanky little dress from modcloth.  I just found it yesterday, and couldn’t justify the expense, but thought it might be a good reward for reaching level 2 on slimkicker.

Well, Time Out is telling me I’ve been on the computer for too long, so I better get cracking on these fitness goals!


4 thoughts on “New Steps: Weighty Issue Update

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