I’m Failing at Exercise

I’m failing.  I am not exercising.  I hopped on the bike for 20 minutes last weekend, and was fine until Tuesday, when my right thigh was so sore, it felt like I couldn’t use it properly.  Which meant I had to rest it, and not do any exercise (right?).  Plus Monday and Tuesday were both extremely long days, with nary an hour in which to work out until 9:30pm.  So it wasn’t really my fault.  And then it was the end of the marking period, and I had stuff to do.  See all the excuses I can come up with?

And I have, and Ack!  I’m failing, and I hate it.  Failing and I just don’t jive.  Plus this added weight on my hips and thighs is making things not fit, and if we end up getting married this summer I will never find a dress that is two sizes bigger on the bottom than on the top, and my knees hurt more and I need to lose this extra weight!!!


I have figured out that I cannot commit to working out everyday.  It is unrealistic and it just won’t happen.  So while I love slimkicker (remember slimkicker?) I just can’t do a challenge which includes doing something daily.  Lesson learned.  Check!

I have also figured out that I have come to depend on Time Out (remember Time Out?) because I turned it off awhile ago, and have spent way too many hours (upon hours) at the computer in the last few weeks.  Turn it back on.  Check!

rest stop

Finally, I need to get back into my get work done, reward with fun stuff routine (remember the Pomodoro technique?).  It has been all fun stuff, leading to my big fat…  Well, you get the picture.  Get it done.  Check!

These are my goals.  To get back on track with these things. Anybody else hitting a wall?  I’m ready to get over it.


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