Girls? Already?

One of the challenges we are working on with The Boy and school is organization.  He’s not getting much help at school, and as a result, a few papers are getting misplaced, and assignments will be finished but not turned in for several days.  Every afternoon, I go through The Boy’s backpack and shake my head at all of the things that were supposed to happen and didn’t.

Yesterday, I was going through his planner, and noticed some papers that had been returned from science (with smiley faces on them!), and behind those papers, I saw a piece of loose-leaf notebook paper.  Curious, I pulled it out and looked at it.

“Grillfriend” it said at the top.  I immediately recognized the handwriting and the spelling error…  It was from the girl who has been helping The Boy in his core classes – the one they use as an aide because they haven’t supplied him with one yet.

It went on to list her “mom’s phon” number, her “edres”, and the days she wanted The Boy to call.

I was at my mom’s house when I pulled this out, and remarked to her that The Boy might have a “grillfriend”.  Unbeknownst to me, he had just come into the room and replied, “She wants to be.”

Grammy and I exchanged amused looks – what a great response!  So I asked,”Did she ask you to be her boyfriend, or did she tell you?”

“She asked me.”

“Is she cute?” I asked, smiling.


“Is she nice?  Well, we know she’s nice because she helps you in your classes.  What did you say?”

No response.

“Did you say anything back to her?  Did you tell her you’d think about it, or did you tell her ‘OK’?”

“I told her ‘OK’.”

All during this conversation, he was smiling, seemed a little embarrassed, but kind of proud – completely typical responses.

I wasn’t expecting this so freakin’ early.  I guess we’ll have to re-read that section of the puberty book to review what’s appropriate, and we’re going to have to talk about how to treat girls. GIRLS!  I’m surprised but also delighted at how The Boy is reacting to all this.  It’s all so stinkin’ cute.


3 thoughts on “Girls? Already?

  1. This is such a blessing. When my daughter was younger and so much was unknown, the greatest hope I clung to is that she could love and be loved, At 16, she is still not into boys, but she absolutely can love and be loved. She has a funny way of showing it, but she does love.

    It takes a fair amount of abstract thought. With all the challenges you can have with girls in the future, the lessons he will learn a steps closer to living a fulfilled and joyous life.

    : )

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