Queen of Procrastination

By Portobellostreet

That’s what it should say on my nametag.  Yes, I have valid reasons for it many times, and in any case, I’m pretty sure it’s not something that’s going to change.  In this case, I have been procrastinating getting back into the exercise thing, thinking that if The Man and I set a date for a wedding, I’d have a great motivation and a goal all rolled into one, so why start exercising until we have that set?…

See how my mind works?

Well… We haven’t set a definite date.  And I realize that this is just procrastination in disguise.

After checking out this post and then this post over at zenhabits.net (I know, I KNOW, research on the internet is another not-so-clever disguise for procrastination, too!), I developed a plan, keeping in mind my previous insights into my own roadblocks to exercising, and the great points in the posts about triggers, motivation, and goals.

  1. Step One: go to bed earlier (9:30 instead of 10).  I had an epiphany when I realized there was no real reason to stay up until 10, as I am often tired before then.  The Man and I used to talk on the phone after The Boy’s bedtime, but we talk earlier in the evening now, ergo I do not have to stay up that late…
  2. Step Two: Three times per week, I will wake up 20 minutes early to fit in yoga, or the bike, or some other cardio or strength training (that I’ve probably found on Pinterest).
  3. My goal is to lose a few inches off my “hips”.  This is my trouble spot, and the reason my pants are starting to not-fit.
  4. Report: I will measure myself once a week, and post about it to you people (even if you don’t want to hear about it), because it’ll make me accountable (probably on the simpleijustdo.com facebook page).
  5. Reward: I will also reward myself if I meet my plan each week.  No food!  Just books, shoes or other mild obsessions…

I hope I’m ready for this!  I hope I can stick with it for awhile!

Starting measurement: 41″ (Ugh…)



Merriam-Webster defines forethought as: “1 : a thinking or planning out in advance 2 : consideration for the future”.

One of my favorite things to do is plan.  Ask my boyfriend, Mr. We-don’t-need-a-reservation.  I plan events at work, thinking through every detail about traffic flow, announcements, seating arrangements, and clean-up.  And I love to plan vacations, although I now have to reign it in a bit, coming up with “possibilities” for us to do (and calendaring them all, just so we know where and when we could do them.  If we wanted…).

It doesn’t ALWAYS work out so well, though.  I’ve tried that plan for housecleaning, (you know the one) that entails doing a different chore everyday for a month.  I like it in principal, but in my house, with one person doing all the cleaning… Let’s just say it got as far as the calendar, and then it was toast.

And what happens when the plan doesn’t work, or you just can’t get to it ahead of time?  Consider being on the other end.  How many times have I been in a staff meeting, or watched some new program being implemented, and thought, “Well, that could have gone better with a little forethought!”  I’ve also been able to look back after a major meltdown and realize that it was ALL MY FAULT, because I didn’t think about what would happen if I forgot the wipes, if the ex bailed on his kid again, or if I got stuck at work .

I’m pointing my finger at myself as I write this:  MAYBE, if I don’t have time to put forethought into it, MAYBE I shouldn’t do it.  Maybe I need to create some time in my schedule to think about stuff before it happens, so I can envision all outcomes, and be better prepared.  And if I can’t find time to do that, maybe I’m too busy, and some things on my agenda need to be delegated, shelved, or deleted.

I know I need to do this more.  I know that my son and I can preempt some meltdowns this way.

How about you?