A Solo Venture

The Boy has been anxiously awaiting the opening of the pool at the big park near us, and it finally opened Memorial Day weekend.  Except it was cold that weekend.  And then we’ve had lots and lots of rain.  So he’s been a bit focused about being able to go to the pool.  I suggested we do it last week for Fun Friday, and he was all for it.  And then it rained, again.

I told him we could go the next morning, so we did.  We stepped outside and realized it was not altogether warm, mainly due to the wind, and there were some gray clouds looming, but I couldn’t put him off any longer.

We arrived, paid our admission, and went to get a locker and put on sunscreen.  We emerged to the pool area to realize that we were the only ones there, and were rousting the teenage lifeguards from huddling in their sweats in the “office”…

deserted pool

I set the timer, and he gadded about, going down the slide, jumping off the diving board, all while five lifeguards looked on.  And I felt kind of bad for them, and then I stopped – they were getting paid, so they could sit and watch my kid for awhile!

After a good half hour, a few more people straggled in, and then a few more.  By the time we left there were maybe 11 people in the pool, but it was all good.  It was warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds, The Boy had a great time, and had no problem leaving when it was time to go, except to say, “Maybe we can come when it’s warmer next time…”


stormy sunny


A Wee Obsession with Fire Alarms…

Since the fire drill about a month ago, The Boy has been watching YouTube videos of fire drills going off, creating PowerPoints where his favorite video game characters are experiencing fire drills, and we have had more than one Fun Friday dedicated to fire alarm inspections of the local elementary schools, with varying success.

On Thursday last week, I picked The Boy up from Kids Club and he had made a couple of fire alarms from construction paper:

It may be difficult to see, but each has a picture of a house on fire (printed from the computer, with the matching color background), and a man running from the house.  The dots are the speakers, and the lines indicate that sound is coming from those speakers.

Needless to say, these alarms were promptly “installed” at our house, in the hallway, and in the kitchen:

Don’t ask me how he got up above the sink…

I asked if he’d like to visit a firehouse, and was met with silence (which is Boy-speak for “no”).  This too shall pass.  At least he doesn’t seem anxiety-ridden about it – it actually seems like he’s having fun.  This too shall pass…  Right?

This Week

This week I am…

Reading lots and lots of blogs, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (with The Boy), and The History of Love, by Nicole Krauss (recommended here, by Holly Burns at Nothing But Bonfires whose writing I love, and figure if her book recommendations are half as good as her writing, I’m golden!)

Cooking pizza puffs, ugly chicken (looks nasty [nothing like the pic on the site] but tastes sooooooo good), and pasta, using my best friend’s husband’s meat sauce (he’s a chef!)

Anticipating the World Series (Go Tigers!), the delivery of my new Kindle (in November!), the new James Bond movie (love me some Daniel Craig [swoon <3]), Thanksgiving (only 30 days until I see The Man again!), and Friday, always Friday

Listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and Feist (The Metals album) – I LOVE this version of Undiscovered First, especially at about 3:50, when she starts whacking the roof of the car for percussive effect.

Keeping an eye on The Boy’s cold, his reaction to attending his first funeral (maybe), and how he handles one of his best buddies moving away

Finding every excuse not to work out

Getting up the nerve to write a letter to our neighbor about the volume of her TV (or is it a radio) every morning at 5:30am

In disbelief that I’m hearing Christmas music as we begin to prepare for our next concert in class, and hearing the s-word in our forecast

Savoring any sleep I can get, the chocolate chip cookies I made last week, the Ghirardelli chocolates The Man got me for my birthday (my favorites!), my homemade sweet tea, and a relatively quiet house in the evening


This post is modeled after this one from Ali Edwards…

Fun Friday

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