English: Baby Oliver

English: Baby Oliver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Boy is an only child.  I am an only child.  Ergo, The Boy is rarely around babies.  When our Fantastic Babysitter asked if it was OK to bring her nephew last week while watching the boy, I thought, “OK, this will be new…” I wasn’t worried. More like curious.

The Boy doesn’t make much contact with others, unless he knows you really well, or unless you are into something that he is into (i.e. computers, comics, etc.).  That somehow accelerates your friendship to the I’m-going-to-drag-you-by-the-arm-to-show-you-something stage.  In any case, I was curious to see if he would be curious about this (5 month old) baby.

For awhile after the divorce, he would talk sometimes about someday getting a brother or sister, and wouldn’t that be cool.  I honestly don’t remember how I responded to those comments, if I did at all.  I knew I was done (meaning no more babies), but I wasn’t going to rule out the ex’s side of things, and I know I wouldn’t have stepped into that minefield.

So Fantastic Babysitter arrived, with her nephew in his carrier, and of course, I couldn’t help myself.  I began cooing and generally making a fool of myself over the little bundle of cuteness.  The Boy was right behind me watching all of this, taking it in.  At one point he gently but possessively grabbed my arm.  I asked if he was jealous, and he ignored me.  He wandered about the kitchen as Fantastic Babysitter and I talked.  After kissing The Boy, and reminding him to behave, I headed for the door.  As I left, Fantastic Babysitter was asking The Boy what he wanted to do.

They ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese.  She is so Fantastic, she can handle a 5 month old and a boy with autism at that place!  I bow to her.  They had fun, and I beat them home.

But I got the biggest smile of the evening (possibly of the week) when she texted me that The Boy was referring to himself as Uncle as he explained to the baby about the car trip back home, and everything that they were doing.

It seems no one can resist the charm of a baby.


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