Easiest Way to Organize Necklaces

I have a lot of necklaces.  Commonly sold jewelry boxes don’t cut it, and those necklace “trees”?  Forget it.  The tree would be big enough to take up a corner of my room if it had enough “branches” to hold all of my stuff.  It’s all Lia Sophia’s fault…  But I digress.

A couple of years ago, I saw a crafty idea somewhere which was something like this bulletin board idea.  Again, I thought, “Cute idea, but it would NEVER hold all of my stuff!”  I was in a quandary, because everything was getting tangled and disorganized.  Time was running out.  A trip to Lowe’s was in order…

It’s funny the different types of inspiration you get from different venues.  In this man-haven, I was remembering my dad’s workbench, and how all of his tools were organized on a pegboard above it, and POW, my super-sized DIY necklace rack was born.

All I needed was one 2’x4′ piece of pegboard, and four 12-hook racks.  It now sits in the back of my closet (taking up no visual space in my bedroom), and can hold 48 necklaces of varying lengths.  I’ll admit that I had visions of painting it, and putting a frame on it, but since nobody sees it but me, I thought that part wasn’t worth my time.  If you will be displaying yours (which you totally could!) it would be great to spruce it up that way.

pegboard, about $8; hooks, about $8 (x4 = $32): total cost, about $40


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