8 Reasons Why The Boy May Be a Time Lord…

Doctor Who fans are a fiercely loyal bunch, and I can proudly say that I was recently initiated via Netflix.  Now, I’m sure there are various strata of Doctor Who fan-dom, and if there are, I am probably in the lowest of the low, because I have not watched all the old-old episodes, with Doctors 1-8, and have not even watched any episodes with the most recent Doctor Who, because I am fiercely loyal to (and have an equally fierce crush on) Doctor number 10.  But.  There are enough similarities between Doctors (I mean they are all supposed to be the same Time Lord, after all), that I think I can make some generalizations, and bring your attention to the fact that The Boy may actually be Doctor Who…

1.  He has an affinity for wearing the same outfit everyday, because he thinks it’s the coolest thing on the planet.  Or on several planets.

The Tenth Doctor's Outfit - Keith Schengili-Roberts

The Tenth Doctor’s Outfit – Keith Schengili-Roberts

2.  He also has an affinity for Chuck Taylor’s.


3.  He has a wee obsession with clocks and timers – What Time Lord wouldn’t?

Yet Another Timer

4.  He tends to use common objects in uncommon ways… like a Sonic Screwdriver, perhaps?

Sonic Screwdriver

5.  He is whip smart, figures stuff out on his own, and loves technology.  He could probably fly a TARDIS meant to be piloted by six Time Lords with one hand tied behind his back…


6.  He tends to need a companion to share adventures, and to rein him in when he gets out of control.

7.  He wears glasses because he thinks they make him “look a bit clever”.


8.  He looks typically human on the outside…

Now can you see why I’m a fan, and why maybe, just maybe, The Boy may be a Time Lord?…


Saturday Stuff

Picture taken by myself, Scott

Saturdays are our designated lazy days, where we recover from the week.  We try to stay in our pajamas as long as possible, often all day, and The Boy fends for himself for meals, as do I.  We each do our own thing.  For The Boy, that means Spongebob on Netflix, Wii, and messing with Bionicles.  For me, it’s often way too much computer time, watching movies and TV programs on Netflix, writing blog posts, and planning for all of this stuff we’re gonna do in the next few crazy months.

Today, I am

  • Researching for a summer trip to Disney.  The Man wants to do 3 days max, and probably stay at a Motel 6, so I’ll have some negotiating to do…  Checking out this site for families with autism who are planning a trip to WDW – awesome resource!
  • Looking into 15′ truck rentals for the move in June, and how much that will cost, in addition to gas costs at about 8 miles per gallon (gulp).  Also pricing boxes… (So far, Budget is a much better deal than UHaul).
  • On Pinterest, looking for pins about moving, seeing if there are tips I haven’t heard of before – Did you know plates are supposed to be packed upright rather than flat?  I didn’t.
  • Watching Dr. Who on Netflix, and trying to get over Rose Tyler’s absence.
  • making sweet tea.
  • Missing The Man something fierce.

What are you up to today?