A Free Day?

What would I do with an entirely kid-free day?

  • Visit the art museum, check out the prints, line drawings, and photography
  • Pack myself a picnic, go to the park, and read
  • Go shopping with a friend
  • Have my very own 12-Hour Crop
  • Take my camera somewhere and take a bunch of pictures
  • Take a nap
  • Set up a Gene Kelly (or Cary Grant, or Gary Cooper) Marathon on Netflix
  • Bake obscene amounts of goodies to give away
  • Go to an art fair/show
  • Go to the bookstore and spend the entire day

How about you?


7 thoughts on “A Free Day?

  1. A kid-free day: I would sleep until I woke up myself, take a shower as soon as I woke up (instead of after lunch), Eat whatever I wanted for breakfast and lunch, paint my nails, tweeze my brows, Actually blow-dry and fix my hair, have the laundry and dishes done within a reasonable time-frame. Watch something rated higher than pg on the tele, crochet until my fingers cramped up, maybe take a nap. Nothing special, but totally self-pampering 😛

  2. What a great question! Hm….I would get “done up” with a Mani/pedi, haircut and color, while drinking a cake batter martini and reading an awesome book (TBA). My last day “off” was in May (LOL!!) and I actually drove to a local state park and spent six hours hiking and taking photos and just breathing the fresh air. Okay, two of those hours were intentional…and for four I was lost (missed the blaze)…but still it was glorious!

  3. I’m not sure I’d get out of my pj’s. I’d lounge in bed watching tv. Then I’d probably read (guilt free). I’d probably get take out. Maybe do some crafts and/or take a long bath without waiting for the inevitable pounding on the door. I might run some errands and by errands I mean shop (where I can actually try clothes on at my own leisure). Sounds like a lovely day!

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