Saturday Stuff

Picture taken by myself, Scott

Saturdays are our designated lazy days, where we recover from the week.  We try to stay in our pajamas as long as possible, often all day, and The Boy fends for himself for meals, as do I.  We each do our own thing.  For The Boy, that means Spongebob on Netflix, Wii, and messing with Bionicles.  For me, it’s often way too much computer time, watching movies and TV programs on Netflix, writing blog posts, and planning for all of this stuff we’re gonna do in the next few crazy months.

Today, I am

  • Researching for a summer trip to Disney.  The Man wants to do 3 days max, and probably stay at a Motel 6, so I’ll have some negotiating to do…  Checking out this site for families with autism who are planning a trip to WDW – awesome resource!
  • Looking into 15′ truck rentals for the move in June, and how much that will cost, in addition to gas costs at about 8 miles per gallon (gulp).  Also pricing boxes… (So far, Budget is a much better deal than UHaul).
  • On Pinterest, looking for pins about moving, seeing if there are tips I haven’t heard of before – Did you know plates are supposed to be packed upright rather than flat?  I didn’t.
  • Watching Dr. Who on Netflix, and trying to get over Rose Tyler’s absence.
  • making sweet tea.
  • Missing The Man something fierce.

What are you up to today?


4 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. I finally caved and began watching Doctor Who as well. First I had a hard time getting used to a new Doctor and then it took me a while to get over Rose leaving. Don’t worry though you’ll see her again. But by then, you’ll be over it. 😉

  2. We used Penske when we moved my aunt from CA to MI. We chose that one because my very involved trucker brother-in-law thought they had better, more reliable trucks. Because you will be traveling a long distance and hills will be on route, I do encourage you to take someone who knows about truck mechanics with you when you actually rent the truck. As to the dishes … we just put those styrofoam plates in between our dishes in our RV. Nothing has broken … so far.

    r. That bounces down the road a lot more than a truck will. Nothing has ever been broken … so far.

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