Transport of a house (photo taken in New Zealand)

Somehow this seems much easier…

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed these days.  I started to panic today when I realized it was already March (again – I’ve been doing this a few times a day since Friday), and we basically have three and a half months to prepare for one of the biggest moves of our lives.

Moving stinks.  Before the divorce, it seems like we moved just about every year.  I’m not sure why, but it was pretty awful.  Especially the time I was pregnant, and was not allowed to carry anything, and my ex-mother-in-law set up my kitchen…  I never, ever could find anything in that house.

When we moved to our current house, I was finally in charge, and all things considered, it was a pretty organized move.  I had help, of course, and hired movers.  This time around, I will also have help, and will not have to hire movers, which is a bonus.  The Man actually used to do this for a living back in the day, so that’s an even bigger bonus.

And the packing up won’t even be that difficult.  As I said, I’ve done it so many times, I could probably do it in my sleep, and find myself visually scanning each room even now, and making mental notes of things that will be donated/sold/freecycled or packed for the move.  Most of the moving checklists you find online suggest starting no later than 6 weeks before, and some as early as 12 weeks before.  Well, we’re at about 15, so you can see why I am feeling a little anxiety already.

No, the part that is on my mind the most are the details of life that will need to be taken care of: medical records, school records, bank accounts, change of address with all and sundry, insurance, drivers license and registration…  All of the minutiae that can be quite overwhelming.  Luckily I have some personal days that I can utilize between now and then to help me take care of the details.

If you have any moving tips, please share below.  I could use all the help I can get!

I Look Forward To…

Big, kinda scary changes coming up right quick for us.  But, all I can think about are all of the beautiful things I am looking forward to, like:

  • Forgetting what the negative sign and the little snowflake look like on my car dash display
  • Hanging out with my mom on a regular basis, which I haven’t been able to do since high school
  • Our newish mattress already down there.  If you can be in love with a thing, I should be engaged to it.  Especially since I bought my current one (here) in 1997.  Although, that’s not as old as the one in our guest bedroom at the new house.  That one is as old as this NBC logo:IMG_0629
  • My super stove in my new-to-me, ready-to-be-organized, hugest-kitchen-I’ve-ever-had:IMG_0816
  • A… slower… pace…
  • This:DSC00489
  • A real, live, breathing partner who has promised to do all the dishes.  Maybe that should be in our vows…
  • Not hearing sirens every freakin’ night and — Were those gunshots?  I think those were gunshots…
  • Sweet tea everywhere
  • Sunshine:ferry ride


I have a new thing on my to-do list every weekend: purging.  That is, getting rid of stuff that will not make the move with us.  While we are technically moving to a bigger house, we still have to get rid of the unnecessary stuff that we have collected over the three years we have lived here (and some of it much, much longer).

I don’t want to leave all of it for late spring – it would be too monumental a task.  I make it sound like I am a hoarder, which I’m not (although The Man thinks I am).  We just have a basement with stuff in every closet, and The Boy has way too many toys (thanks to all of the many people who love and spoil him).  We’ll be having a garage sale in the spring, but I will also donate whatever I can.  It just needs to be gone.

Moving boxes

I’m leaving the toys for last, because as you may have experienced, kids with autism tend to not want to give up their things, even if they haven’t used or played with them in six years.  One has to be a bit sneaky at times, and even then it can come back to bite you (“Mom!!!  I can’t find that green egg-shaped timer I had when I was four!  Where IS it???”).

Today, I will turn to my own closets, which I do about every three months or so.  But this time will be more critical, and I am in the right mood to rid myself of stuff that I will not wear again.

I think I’ll save the basement closets for next weekend…

Yes, We Are Moving

Our empty dining room in the new house...I did the mental math the other day, and it is only about six months away… Yikes!  I have so much to do.  It seemed like so far away for so long, that now I actually have to get out the planner and start penciling some stuff in!  I can’t believe it!  There are so many things we have to do like have a huge garage/Craigslist sale (which will basically entail a whole house inventory, and lots and lost of decisions), meet/talk with the autism society liaison where we’re headed so I can make some plans for The Boy, not only for school, but also for the summer, work on my transition plans for The Boy (including making a “Big Move Book” for him), and then the long list of actual moving details…

The last time I moved between states, I was four years old, so I wasn’t so involved with the details.  Now I have pesky things like a driver’s license and bank accounts that will need to be switched.

Oh, and there’s that small detail about employment…

And health insurance…

I think I’ll get right on this…

In January.