Strategy for Meltdown Recovery (For Mom!)

In the immediate aftermath of a “rough morning” (which usually includes some lost thing, screaming, blaming, slammed doors, etc…) I am shaken.  Someone will say “Good Morning!” and I can barely respond.  I will often cry in the car on the way to work, not for a specific hurt, but because it is a release from the anxiety and tension that were at sky-high levels only moments ago.

Usually, a rough morning means a crappy day, because I am distracted and upset, which leads to less focus on work, which leads to less work getting done, and so on…

English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate...

But today, I made a split second decision that helped me recover.  I decided to take the surface streets to work instead of the express way, and I decided to stop at a convenience store that I know carries my favorite sweet tea.  I picked up my tea and some peanut butter crackers, and happily munched and drank on my way to work.  By the time I got there, I was MUCH better off than I usually am on a rough morning.  I won’t always have the time to do this, because rough mornings often lead to being late to work, but I have found a coping strategy that works, and it makes me happy.


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