I Look Forward To…

Big, kinda scary changes coming up right quick for us.  But, all I can think about are all of the beautiful things I am looking forward to, like:

  • Forgetting what the negative sign and the little snowflake look like on my car dash display
  • Hanging out with my mom on a regular basis, which I haven’t been able to do since high school
  • Our newish mattress already down there.  If you can be in love with a thing, I should be engaged to it.  Especially since I bought my current one (here) in 1997.  Although, that’s not as old as the one in our guest bedroom at the new house.  That one is as old as this NBC logo:IMG_0629
  • My super stove in my new-to-me, ready-to-be-organized, hugest-kitchen-I’ve-ever-had:IMG_0816
  • A… slower… pace…
  • This:DSC00489
  • A real, live, breathing partner who has promised to do all the dishes.  Maybe that should be in our vows…
  • Not hearing sirens every freakin’ night and — Were those gunshots?  I think those were gunshots…
  • Sweet tea everywhere
  • Sunshine:ferry ride

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