Ready for More Liebster Answers?

Awhile back, I was nominated for the Liebster Award again, this time by Meredith at Looking Up With Down Syndrome.  Here are a few more answers to her 11 Questions:

7.  What is your favorite place and why?

I think this changes for everyone as they go through life, so currently, my favorite place is my new home.  I watched this house be transformed from a not-quite-livable shell into a really nicely appointed home.  I take special pride in it because The Man did all the work himself, and it’s my new favorite place because it’s already a lovely representation of us, all together now.

Gabriel García Márquez, De biografie

Gabriel García Márquez, De biografie (Photo credit: woordenaar (reading))

8.  What is your favorite book?

This question is like “Which is your favorite child?”  I cannot pick just one.  However, I will read anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Isabel Allende, and most Scandinavian crime fiction.  I love mysteries, as well as multi-generational family sagas like Greenlanders and Roots.  If a writer has a knack for writing good characters, I’ll be reading them for sure.

9.  You know that song that get’s stuck in your head even though you hate it – which song is that? Is it stuck in your head now? Hee hee hee.

I am very susceptible to earworms, and The Man teases me by singing the theme song to “Flipper” whenever he wants to annoy me…  Grrr….

Hope you are enjoying your last week of June.  I am enjoying my last week as a single lady! 😀

More Liebster Answers…

Awhile ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award and decided to take my time answering the 11 questions, because you’ve all heard plenty about me, and I didn’t want to be all in-your-face, yet again…  So here is another gripping installment of Liebster Answers…

tombstone4.  What would you like written on your tombstone?

When I graduated high school, our principal, who was a rather small, forgettable man in most ways said something that I have never forgotten: “Live your life so that no one has to lie at your funeral”.  I have always remembered this and tried to live up to it.  Along those same lines, I would be proud of a tombstone that quoted my grandma (in a way): “She did her best, and that’s all she could do”.

5.  If someone is reading your blog for the first time… which post do you want to make sure they read?

It really depends on their perspective – are they a single mom, a special needs parent?  Both?  Just looking for crafty ideas?  What I usually do is read the latest post.  If I like the style, I read back a few, and then really dig into the archives.  Some of my personal favorites are this one, this one, and this one.

6. “Hypothetically speaking, If my kids have allergies but they are not really affecting them right now, is it still okay to give them Benedryl so I can take a nap?”

Ummm.  I’m not a doctor, but in your situation, I would make absolutely sure their allergies were not affecting them…

Hope you are all well, and looking forward to summer!


Your Most Pressing Liebster Questions, Answered!

Question Mark Graffiti by Bilal KamoonWell, Meredith from Looking Up With Down Syndrome nominated me for the Liebster Award, and I’m going to attempt to answer a few of her questions today.

1.  Why do you blog?

I have always loved to write.  If I hadn’t taught music, I would have taught Language Arts, because words are my thing.  I get that from my mom.  I also blog because I’m not too far from the bewilderment of getting a diagnosis of autism for my son, and also the crazy, life-altering process that is divorce.  Neither experience was fun, and it was difficult to find resources at first.  It still can be, even in this day and age.  Writing this blog helps me to help others, all the while processing my own learning curve with autism, with parenting solo, with blending a family — all of it!  In my book, it’s a win-win-win!

2.  What are you passionate about?

There are so many people on this planet who have less than I do, whether it’s food, money, resources, opportunities…  I know in my heart of hearts that I was put on this planet to help people, and that’s what I get passionate about.  Over the past several years, I’ve come to believe that while government programs are definitely needed and have their place, nonprofits are going to have to be a part of the solution to the world’s most dire problems, because governments are fickle and changing (and usually broke).  It’s going to all come down to each one of us, helping our neighbors, friends, and fellow humans.

3.  Who do you admire?

I admire everyday people who stand up for others.  I admire the strength of regular people who have so much to deal with on a daily basis.  I admire people who think before speaking, and people who always strive to do their best.  I admire people who keep their word, and people who are compassionate.  I admire people who are non-judgmental, and people who are not too proud.

How about you, dear readers?  How would you answer these questions?

Liebster Awarded Again!

liebster-award-ribbonI’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award again (Thank You, Meredith, from Looking Up With Down Syndrome – LOVE that title!), but I promise not to bore you with a super-long post this time (and I guess I really better work on getting some more followers so I don’t qualify for this award anymore!).  I’m going to take Little Bird’s Dad‘s lead and use Meredith’s questions for upcoming posts.

First I have to give you 11 facts about myself, so that’s what I’ll do today:

  1. I’m average height for a female in the US (actually o.4″ taller, but I’m not splitting hairs).
  2. I also have fairly average feet, although the average US shoe size for women has grown over the past few decades, and is now an 8, while I still wear a 7.
  3. My song of the day is Get Lucky (featuring Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk – it’s great packing music!
  4. My favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy.
  5. My most-watched movie is The Princess Bride – it can be annoying to watch it with me because I tend to say all of the lines along with the movie – can’t help it.
  6. I’m a hopeless Anglophile, and visiting Britain is high up on my bucket list.
  7. I usually only eat red meat once or twice a week.  It’s not really a conscious choice, but it makes me feel better.
  8. I once took an Esperanto class (with my mom).
  9. I should have considered being a linguist – I love words and languages and how they develop.
  10. Just started Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, not realizing how long it was (one drawback of the kindle)…
  11. I’m growing my own basil from seeds, and I haven’t killed them yet!

I’ll save the rest for future posts…

Liebster Award – Thank You!

Thank you SO much to learningneverstops over at Understanding and Embracing Diversity for the Liebster Award Nomination!  I am new to his blog, but it has lots of good stuff, so please go check out his site!


By now, you probably know that awards come with rules, so that we can spread the love.  Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

1.Thank the Liebster-winning Blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.  Thanks again! (see above)

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees. (see below)

3.  Nominate 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (see further below)

4.  Display the Liebster Award logo. (see above – isn’t it cute?)

11 Facts about myself (tired of hearing about me, yet?)

1.  I am a Libra, and I really don’t think that means anything, but I do seem to have an overdeveloped sense of justice…

2.  I loved being an only child, and I love having an only child.

3.  I love Swamp People.  I have a wee crush on Troy. ❤

4.  I believe that peanut butter, linens and towels are three things on which you should never skimp.

5.  My favorite type of wine is a nice German Reisling.

6.  If I had it to do over again, I would have played French Horn instead of the flute.

7.  I loathe peep-toe shoes.  I mean, they look nice on other people, but not on me, so they need to go away now.

8.  I have lived in the same state for 33 years.

9.  I have never broken a bone (great, now I just jinxed myself).

10.  One of my favorite authors is Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

11.  One of my favorite all-time movies is Amelie.

Questions from learningneverstops:

1.  How would you define yourself?  That’s a toughie.  I play many roles, but hopefully I am defined by my actions, which are usually kind, fair, efficient, motivated, loving, capable, determined, clever, and somewhat humorous.

2.  Who is the most important person in your life?  Not a toughie.  My son.  The Man is a very, very close second, though.

3.  What made you happy today?  Watching my son as he was able to give up some of his toys.

4.  What goes through your head when you wake up in the morning?  My list of things to do for the day.

5.  Are we lucky to be living in this time?  How so?  I think so.  It is so easy to be educated, and so easy to spread awareness.  The means are there, we just have to be able to inspire the motivation to do something about it.

6.  If asked to give three wishes (one for yourself; one for your family; one for the world), what would yours be?  Wish for myself: to find meaningful work when this career is at its end. Wish for my family: to adjust to change as easily as possible. Wish for the world: for the people of this world to realize their potential for good and act upon it.

7.  Why do you blog?  I blog because I have stories to share, and I know that other people’s stories have helped me in rough times.

8.  Is 2013 shaping up to be what you’ve expected?  Yes, I think so.  At least so far!  Still anticipating so much!

9.  What would you like to know about Autism?  How to make more connections for understanding between NTs (like me), and auties (like my son).

10.  How can people’s awareness of Autism be increased?  One person at a time, building relationships with those in the autism community.

11.  What is the best article you have read on my blog? I like your pieces on Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory because it is one of The Man’s favorite shows, and as he has grown to know and understand The Boy, even he has pointed these out to me.  It is a great platform for building understanding with the NT world!

My 11 Questions for you:

1.  If you could go back in time to witness an event, what would it be?

2.  What is one thing you have always wanted to learn (or learn how to do)?

3.  If you visit any place in the world for the day, where would you go?

4.  Guilty pleasure food?

5.  Favorite season and why?

6.  Cherished accomplishment from childhood?

7.  Favorite type of reading material?

8.  Have you ever done something anonymously?  What was it, and why?

9.  What was a favorite vacation you have taken?

10.  Name a word you hate the sound of.

11.  Do you collect anything?

My 11 Nominees are:

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