Liebster Awarded Again!

liebster-award-ribbonI’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award again (Thank You, Meredith, from Looking Up With Down Syndrome – LOVE that title!), but I promise not to bore you with a super-long post this time (and I guess I really better work on getting some more followers so I don’t qualify for this award anymore!).  I’m going to take Little Bird’s Dad‘s lead and use Meredith’s questions for upcoming posts.

First I have to give you 11 facts about myself, so that’s what I’ll do today:

  1. I’m average height for a female in the US (actually o.4″ taller, but I’m not splitting hairs).
  2. I also have fairly average feet, although the average US shoe size for women has grown over the past few decades, and is now an 8, while I still wear a 7.
  3. My song of the day is Get Lucky (featuring Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk – it’s great packing music!
  4. My favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy.
  5. My most-watched movie is The Princess Bride – it can be annoying to watch it with me because I tend to say all of the lines along with the movie – can’t help it.
  6. I’m a hopeless Anglophile, and visiting Britain is high up on my bucket list.
  7. I usually only eat red meat once or twice a week.  It’s not really a conscious choice, but it makes me feel better.
  8. I once took an Esperanto class (with my mom).
  9. I should have considered being a linguist – I love words and languages and how they develop.
  10. Just started Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, not realizing how long it was (one drawback of the kindle)…
  11. I’m growing my own basil from seeds, and I haven’t killed them yet!

I’ll save the rest for future posts…


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