Computers Are His Thing

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that The Boy knows his way around a computer.  And he’s bilingual, knowing and understanding both Mac and PC operating systems.  He even knows the logos of all the various releases of Windows…  Yeah, computers are his thing.  He can whip up an insanely creative PowerPoint like there’s no tomorrow.  And now he wants to get into making videos

Tonight, my iPhone suddenly and inexplicably went to that setting where everything on the screen looks like a film negative.  I was familiar with it because a year or two ago, The Boy thought it was hilarious, and would change the settings on anyone’s phone left lying around.  I couldn’t remember how to undo it, so I called him from his room, “Would you come here?  My phone did that thing, and I need you to do the thing to fix it…” or something along those lines.

I handed him the phone, and literally the next second, he handed it back and said, “I fixed it.”

The Man was shaking his head, in disbelief, and I demanded, “HOW did you DO that?!!”

He said, “I pressed the home button three times, and that fixes it.”

English: Iphone 4 Deutsch: Iphone 4

Oh.  Ok.  Good to know.  Thank you, Sweet, Smart Boy.  Thank you.  You are amazing. ❤


Earning Back the iPad: Self Advocacy

alarm clock, bought from IKEA

Originally, when I developed the plan for The Boy to earn back his iPad time, he would get his time back upon completion of the four-week chore program.

The Boy had a different idea.

He interpreted the plan to mean that if he did some chores, he would earn some additional time the following day, and when we talked about it, I realized that was a much better plan.  Immediate (or rather immediate) rewards work much better than delayed rewards.

So I amended the plan, and it seems to be a great motivator.  A little self advocacy at work from The Boy, and Mom learns something – win-win!

PS We purchased a Griffin Survivor case for the iPad, and so far we all like how tough it is!