Time Saver: Springpad

Some of us are a little obsessive about our to-do lists.  Not only am I a piler, I am a lister.  Without my list, I might just go insane (or at the very least get stuck where I am, not knowing what to do next).  I think this comes from my very terrible memory.  I can barely remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.

And because I am a single mom (no chore left undone), and a single mom of a special needs child (No, we can’t miss school for this appointment, or you will experience the beast that is my son in the thick of a meltdown), I need to have a list.  And if I can have a list that works for me, and has some bonus features to save me some time, sign me up.

I must preface this with the fact that I was feeling overwhelmed this spring, feeling like things were slipping through the cracks, and that I was horribly disorganized.  I read Getting Things Done by David Allen and immediately felt capable of turning it around.  I am not a disciple, as there are parts of this method of doing things that seem like getting lost in the minutae, but I take what I can use and disregard the rest.  So all of these disciples of GTD (as they call it), are searching for the best all-around app through which they can Get Things Done.  One such app is Springpad.

Springpad lets you set up an infinte number of notebooks, to which you can add tasks, notes, events, checklists, contacts, and alarms. You can also add files.  If you are juggling as many balls as I am, you can create a notebook for each “ball” (so to speak), and keep track of all of your responsibilities in one place.

Springpad combines your to-do list with a pinterest-type format.  Personally, I don’t share my Notebooks, because this isn’t fun and games to me.  This is taking care of business, and I don’t really need my “friends” to see when I need to make a gyno appointment.  But you totally could use it that way and be creative and inspiring.  I don’t have time for that in this context, hence the need for my to-do list…

I like that I can add deadlines, and that the webapp syncs with my iPhone app, so I always have an updated view of my list.  Back when I used pencil and paper, I would often lose my list – this way, as long as I have my phone, I have my list!  I like the ability to split up my responsibilities into notebooks, and the ability (although I don’t use much of it) to really get detailed with planning.  I should also add, that because of its myriad capabilities, you can use it for just about anything (keeping track of recipes, movies you want to see, book reviews, etc.).

If you are remotely techie, and are a lister like me, you should check out Springpad.  It’s not for everyone, but I have used it for awhile now, and I like it.

What have you used to keep track of your to-do list?


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