Can I Have Another Vacation Please?

Two days back to the routine, and I’m under water.  We had a rough morning, Boy-wise, in part because I had a stressful evening, and failed to make sure he was all set for our morning routine.  Sure enough, the one pair of pants he wanted to wear today got left at dad’s, which resulted in a near-meltdown, resulting in being later than usual to school, and a second near meltdown…  I was toast before we even got to 7:30am.

And stressful things kept popping up at a maddening and unusual rate today.  Now I am finally home, and having to drown out the meowing with my iTunes (his obsession since Christmas has been cats, and even “dressing up” and acting like one)… gradually turning it up every couple of minutes as he gets louder.  Pretty soon I’ll need to put the noise cancelling headphones on…

Here Comes the SunDeep breath, think of positives:

  • I got back on the bike this morning, after being out of my workout routine for about a week and half
  • It’s really difficult to hang on to stress while listening to Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
  • The near meltdowns of the morning didn’t bleed into The Boy’s school day
  • Tortellini soup for dinner tonight

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