Savoring Beautiful Moments

One of the easiest ways I have found to de-stress is to store up memories of beautiful moments, and pull them out in times of need.  Bec over at Snagglebox talks about it here.  My memory is for crap, but for some reason, when I am enjoying a moment, I have the ability to stop, tell myself to remember it, and retrieve it later.

One of those moments occurred on my recent vacation down south.  The Man and I went on a day trip, and stopped at a favorite spot, a large garden (which is actually acres of green stuff, and a favorite location for weddings because they are so beautiful).  Near the large pond (home to a few swans), there are trellis-covered walkways, and as we walked directly under one, I suddenly smelled an intensely beautiful bloom.  Seeking the source, I discovered they were directly above me, and I lingered a moment to breathe in the lovely scent, and of course, snap a photo.

Lovely Mystery Flower

Does anyone know the name of it?


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