I Don’t Want My Kid To Be Normal

I was just reading an article about Brandon Stokely, a football player on the Denver Broncos, who has a son who has autism.  I read until I saw this: “‘We wanted him to have the best possible care so he could try to be as normal as possible,’ Stokley said.” and then I just stopped.  I’m not judging Mr. Stokely or his wants for his son.  My wants for my son are just different than his.

As a kid, I struggled to fit in.  I was a nerdy, goofy girl with a few good friends, but I was never the popular girl, and was always wondering why I was so different.  It took a long time for me to embrace my own self, and realize that normal is overrated.

so not normalMy son will never be normal.  Besides the autism he is a nerdy, goofy boy, and I suspect that if his brain was wired as most people’s brains are, he would still feel on the fringe.  Normal is still overrated.

I want him to be able to function in our society, with the least help necessary.  I want him to be able to control his emotions.  I want him to be able to experience all that life has to offer without limitations.  But I don’t want him to be normal.  I want him to be himself, which is so much better than normal.


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