Sunday Shout-Out: Claire’s?

OK, this is not a typical shout-out.  Yes, I’m talking about Claire’s that sells accessories, where every tween and pre-teen likes to spend their allowances.  That one.

The Boy’s glasses broke.  Part of that meltdown was the suggestion that we go to the store that very second to replace them. Remember that it took no small portion of our Thanksgiving vacation to find a suitable pair for what he had in mind that wouldn’t ruin his eyes?  After The Boy began to calm down, I told him we could look for some replacements the next day, secretly hoping he’d forget about them for awhile, because where in the hell was I going to find a replacement pair??

When I woke up the next day, The Boy reminded me not less than 5 minutes after I was awake that we needed to go shopping for new glasses.  I asked for some mercy, that I had just woken up, and we could go in the afternoon sometime.  Ever the faithful friend, the internet suggested Claire’s when I typed in “Where do I find non-prescription glasses?”  And even better, there is a Claire’s not half a mile from our house.  I looked on their website and they had several pages of “fashion accessory frames” and some even looked like they could be worn by boys!  Now I just had to hope these were the type of thing carried in the store.

Before heading out, I mentioned that this was kind of a girly store, so he would need my help to pick out a pair that weren’t too girly, and amazingly, he was OK with that.  We went in, found a pair or two, he asked, “These ones are a little too girly, right?”

“Yep.  You should stick with that other pair.”

new rubber glasses

And we were done.  We paid and walked out, and he was happy to look like Steve Jobs (sorta – more like a very young hipster) once again.

If only they were all that easy!  So, thank you Claire’s for setting our world right again!  I have a feeling we’ll be back!


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