A Harvest of Handicraftiness

We’ve settled into our school routines, and are starting to catch up on some much needed sleep…  Are you getting the itch to get crafty like I am?

The Not-So-Lazy Susan I always get an urge to purge and re-organize when the season changes.  How’s your pantry looking?

Easiest Way to Organize Necklaces More organizing, this time it’s mom’s “precious jewels” getting the special treatment!

Homemade Sugar Body Scrub Need some pampering at the end of the hectic week?  Who doesn’t! This Body Scrub whips up quick, making your daily shower feel like a spa treatment.

Love Letters  I was amazed at how much fun this project was, and it was not as difficult as it looked, either!

T-Shirt “Art” Back to purging and re-organizing! Maybe your partner has some jerseys and sports memorabilia you could use for this?  Or maybe the bins of baby clothes you just can’t seem to get rid of?  The possibilities are endless with this project!

Bathroom Reading Storage Quick!  While we still have time before the snow comes!  Head outside to get your spray-painting fix!


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