Sunday Shout-Out: Special Dreams Farm

I came to know about Special Dreams Farm in a very roundabout way.  I happened to go to a party hosted by a woman I’ve known and worked with for a long time, and one of her aunts happened to be there, as well.  Her aunt, who works with the farm, passed out a flyer about a 5K run/walk they were having to help raise funds for the farm. I was instantly intrigued, and eager to find out more.  I did, and participated in the walk (with The Boy, of course), and began to spread the word.

Special Dreams Farm is a working farm, providing opportunities for skill building, and meaningful work for adults with developmental disabilities.  “Farmers” work with their own job coaches and the program director to find jobs suited to their interests and capabilities, while continuing to provide new challenges.  They run the program Monday through Friday, and are working to expand their facilities and capabilities for even more adults to participate.

The idea behind SDF came from Bittersweet Farms in Ohio, which has 3 campuses hosting 3 separate programs, one of which even has a residential program.  In fact, there are programs like this in many states – maybe there is one near you!

When I think about how many of our kids will need job assistance and coaching, residential programs, and opportunities for meaningful work, I feel this incredible urge to promote these programs, these non-profits out there.  They are doing very important work, and need all the support they can get. 

Please visit the Special Dreams Farm website and their facebook page, see their fantastic work, and support them if you can!


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