Out of Sync

I find myself really empathizing with The Boy this week.  My post yesterday highlighted how important it is to have something that helps you calm down when you get ramped up, and I’ve been ramped up since Monday morning.  Along with that, my routine has been blown to smithereens in the past week.

You see, today should be the weekend.

256px-Less_busy_desk_red.svgI have worked everyday since last Friday, and by my calculations, in a normal workweek of five days on, two days off, today would be an off day.  But it’s not, and I am all discombobulated, and out of sync.  I have three more days of work until the weekend, and if I am able to keep from snapping at someone at work, it will be a miracle.  It’s a busy time for my closest colleague, as her half of the business has a big roll-out at the end of next week, and right now we are all chipping in to help it happen, even though we have plenty on our side to do, as well.  And then you throw in the drama of one of your underlings blaming you for a mistake she made and referring to you as a “dumbass” to the boss…

Anywho… I’ve been “on” and working hard for a full work week, and feeling like I need a break.  Again, like our kiddos, trying to adjust to a change in my schedule, managing my emotions while desperately needing some down time.  A good reminder how tough it can be for our children on the spectrum.