Water Boys

Water has such a great effect on both of my boys.

The Man is a surfer, and has been since he was 12.  He starts to get a little cranky if he hasn’t gone surfing in awhile, and just being in the water, doing his thing, does amazing things to his outlook.  He needs the water almost as much as he needs air to breathe.  That was part of the reason we decided early on that The Boy and I would move down here rather than have him move up north with us.  He wouldn’t have survived away from the ocean.

Beach BoysThe Boy reacts similarly to the water, like many kids with autism.  He has always been this way, and could very easily spend his entire day in some form of water.  I’ve written before about the amazing power of water over him, and the immediate calming effects.  If he starts heading toward a meltdown, throwing him in the tub for awhile is the easiest way to avert it.

Over the past several years, The Man has been introducing surfing to The Boy, and The Boy loves it.  I also love to see them sharing this.  The Man is amazingly patient teaching him where to position himself on the board, how to stand, and how to keep his balance.

Today, we went to the beach, and today, The Boy went from riding on his tummy, to kneeling, to standing on the board, all in one ride, and I think this was the first time I saw him do all of this in one motion.  And he was so persistent.  “One more time, because I wiped out.”  I could glimpse him doing all of this on his own in a few years, something I was never sure of before.  So often, those of us with kids on the spectrum really can’t see into the future like parents of NT kids can, so when we get a peek like this, it’s pretty exciting.

This makes me a proud and happy mama. 🙂


Is it Really Spring? For Real?

I’m not saying I have Seasonal Affective Disorder or anything, but a lack of sunshine up here in the winter months really takes it’s toll.  And spring here is also cruel, giving us a few days of nice temps or sunshine (or if we’re really lucky, both at the same time!), but then the 30 and 40 degree temps come back in the end.  And it isn’t until we’re well into May that we can relax and realize that spring is here, for another month and a half until it turns downright hot, and the switch is flipped to summer.

To all the people that call spring their favorite season, I understand why.  The hope, the baby animals, the buds, yadda yadda…  But where I live, it just doesn’t live up to the hype.  Yeah, we have a few nice days here and there, but most of the time, we’re left wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’.

Today is one of those pretty nice days: 65 degrees, although overcast, still enough of a breeze to require a jacket, and lovely little harbingers of warmer weather making their presence known:

first sign of spring

(please disregard the weeds in the picture – I have no idea how they got there!  And don’t get excited about the tulip-looking thing beside the crocus… My tulips are head-less….)

But I’m no dummy, and I ain’t gonna fall for it.  I think we’re back down to the 40s again this weekend.  The wait continues…