A Wonderful Visit

This post was drafted in August and I realized I hadn’t posted it yet.  🙂


Our one and only Fantastic Babysitter (and her mom and baby) came to visit this past week.  She sacrificed a lot to come, and The Boy was so pleased to have her here, as was I.  We spent a long day at the beach, and worked around the baby’s schedule with relatively little problem, able to eat out a few times, and experience the area, thanks to some wonderful weather.

We walked out on the long fishing pier that extends out to the ocean, and Fantastic Babysitter, being afraid of heights, began to get a little nervous, expressing a wish for a hand to hold as she progressed over the beach and then over the waves.  The Boy slipped up behind her and picked up her hand, impressing everyone with his empathy and sensitivity.

Later, he sat on the couch next to me, and we held the baby.  He began to play with her feet, saying softly, “I’ve got your tootsies,” and then “Am I doing it right?” to me.

I watched him as he took every opportunity to sit next to Fantastic Babysitter, sometimes putting his head on her shoulder, recognizing the beautiful relationship they continue to have, even across the miles.

I was so happy to see them together, and was truly sad to see them go.  On their first night here, he began begging to go “back home,” and I realized that we may have to make that a reality before too long.  A visit next summer may be in order, because there are lots of people there he misses, and some I miss, as well.  We have been so happy here, but this visit brought some strong feelings to the surface, especially on his part.  And I don’t want to ignore those.


From Bill Nye to Babies

English: Planets and dwarf planets of the sola...

The Boy was recently re-introduced to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and remembered how much he adores him.  Tonight, instead of indulging in his obsession of watching strange cartoon-based YouTube videos, he was laughing and giggling, and not being very secretive at all.  Turns out, he was recording audio from a Bill Nye video and altering it so that Bill Nye would be saying incorrect things, which, to him, is HILARIOUS.

Afterward, we were joking about it.  This particular episode was about the planets, and he concentrated on the portion of the video in which Bill said the planets circle the sun in a counter-clockwise motion.  He had cut out the “counter” portion of the audio.  I told him you can’t just change the direction of the planets because winter would be summer, morning would be night, and as you got older, you would get younger…

“What does that even MEAN?” he laughed.

I said, “It would mean that as you got older, you would become more and more like a baby.”

“And then, you would go back to pre-birth,” he added.

Uh… Ahem… Where are we going with this, I wondered…

“Yep, you would have to go back in the womb,” I said.

“What’s a womb?”

Uh-oh…  “The place in the mommy where babies form,” I said simply.

“After they come from heaven?”

“Yep, after they come from heaven,” I said.

Whew…  That was close.  And I don’t even remember talking about babies coming from heaven, but I don’t mind that.  That’s cool.

He is so flipping smart.  I love that kid.