Ooh, Baby!

Fantastic Babysitter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, and I am soo, soooo happy for her, for them all.  Selfishly, I cannot WAIT for them to visit us with that lovely little bundle so I can get a baby fix.

It's been a long time...

It’s been a long time…

Technically, I am old enough to be a grandmother, but being a grandma may not be in the cards for me, possibly not even a step-grandma.  So I have to take any chance I have at holding and loving a little one.  As The Boy gets older and taller (just confirmed at the doctor’s office that he is taller than me, although much skinnier), I miss those little cheeks, the happy gurgles, that little bit of weight in your arms.

Not enough to have another of my own.  Oh, no.  I remember too much of the other stuff (the potty training, the messes, the tantrums, but mostly the potty training), and I’m happy with my one and only child and happy to be on his journey toward adulthood.  But it is bittersweet, and everyone needs a baby fix to take the edge off.

So, I am waiting, Fantastic Babysitter.  You bring that adorable cutie down here as soon as you can.  I’m sooo ready for her! ❤


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