Sensory Input

One of the things I like best about the house where we are living now is that there is a large tree in the backyard with a swing.  Even though we don’t really have an area for The Boy to ride his bike or his scooter, as we did in our old house, the swing has become his go-to spot.  When we get home every day, he drops his stuff in his room and makes a bee-line for the swing.  It reminds me of all of those years of occupational therapy, and makes me realize my kid still has some sensory needs, even as a teenager.

He’s gotten almost too big for the boys to have their wrestling matches, and he’s not involved in any sports or anything like that, so what’s a kid to do?

SwingEven though you can’t quite see his face, let me assure you there is a big smile there. And I’m so happy he found something he needed.


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