“Combating” Autism

A bill was just introduced in congress to extend the Combating Autism act, set to expire at the end of September, for another five years.

I just have one question: Who picked the name for that?

Combating Autism?

Autism is and always will be a part of my son, so when you “combat” autism, are you “combating” my son?  I would much prefer that you support him, encourage him, and provide him with opportunities, rather than “combat” him, or any part of him.


I know, I know.  This is potentially a good thing, “shaping the Federal response to autism”…

But when things like this are named incorrectly, it can set a poor tone, a negative focus, a misinterpreted goal.

As I’ve said before, Words Are Important.  I still want to know who came up with this title…


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