I Fought the Dock and the Dock Won

Yeah, so this weekend, THIS happened…

not mom bruises

I was walking down the dock, minding my own business, waiting for a very late bride to show up at the boat, and I stepped over a shin-high chain that keeps people off the end of the dock…  Well, I attempted to step over the chain, but the chain had other ideas.  I’m not sure what happened, and even though I have tried to determine, CSI-like, what happened from the resulting bumps and bruises, I have not been successful.  All I know is it was not graceful, and I ended up flat on my back on the dock.  I took a moment to laugh at myself, and then hopped up, ready to see how many people were laughing at me on the waterfront (luckily only a couple people, like my boss).  I knew I had some abrasions, but I was wearing long pants, and was determined to suck it up and get through the wedding and be home before I even looked at my wounds.

Suffice it say that I thought I had broken something near my left kneecap by the time Saturday night rolled around, and couldn’t move too well on Sunday, either, with strict orders from The Man to keep my feet up.  I don’t think you call them goose-eggs when they are on your shins, but I have one the size of an Ostrich egg on my right leg, and the bruise the size of Montana towards the back of my left knee?  Let’s just say I still can’t bend my knee all the way.  Do you like how the bruises are wavy-shaped, like a chain?  Monday was still stiff and sore, but today was much better movement – I’d say I’m at about 70 percent.

I must be getting older, because I’m finding it harder to bounce back, so to speak, but I’m glad it seems I’m on the mend.

And I have learned to always, always, always unhook the chain on the dock.


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