An Unusual Space

I am in an unusual space, and it has me a bit disoriented.

I am in a hotel room by myself, while my husband and son are hours away.  It’s the first night I’ve spent away from my husband since before we were married, and it’s the first trip I’ve taken like this since I-can’t-remember-when.

And it feels weird.

Not bad weird, and not good weird.  Just weird.  To be truthful, I was kind of looking forward to some time all to myself, a rare thing anymore these days.  I value my alone-time and protect it fiercely, even getting slightly miffed at The Man when he’s running late in the morning, savoring those precious ten minutes when I am alone in the house and it. is. silent.

Maybe it’s from all those years of being a band teacher, but I crave silence.  And there isn’t much of it in our house because the TV is always on.  I don’t begrudge it, really – everyone has to have a vice, and I’m glad The Man isn’t hooked on anything worse.  But I have to admit I miss the quiet more than I thought I would.

So I was looking forward to some time to myself with no Family Guy, no Weather Channel, no squawks on the could-be-a-meltdown-radar…  But I miss my boys, and I’m cranky.

In the meantime, I’ll soak up the silence while I can get it.  It’s too bad it can’t be bottled. 🙂


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