Snow: the Southern Perspective

There’s been a lot of joking about Southerners not knowing what to do when it snows: Walmart selling out of bread, kids in Atlanta having to stay overnight at school, the entire South shut down over 2 inches of snow, etc.  The truth is, they really don’t, but you can’t blame them.  This latest storm (I think dubbed, “Leon” by the Weather Channel, which The Man watches constantly no matter the weather), is worse than the one that threatened our first getaway weekend together, Valentine’s weekend 2010.  That one affected Atlanta, and therefore the entire airplane-riding country for a day, but I was only grounded for one day, and was able to fly to Myrtle Beach the very next day with no problem.  The Man had taken a picture of snow in the palm trees while he waited for me, but when I arrived, the snow was gone.

snow in MB

snow in Myrtle Beach 2010

The very next day

The very next day

This is typical down here.  It snows, and then it is gone the next day because it melts.

This time, though, and in very few storms in recent memory, the cold is staying, making the South the blithering mess it is.  They just don’t have the trucks or manpower to do anything to clear it, or clear the traffic in Atlanta, or do much of anything really.  The strategy is to wait it out until it gets warmer, which it will (forecast for high 60s this weekend), but not for a day or two.

This means no school, and no work.  No shopping on snow days as we were often wont to do when I lived up north – it would really be unsafe to drive out there.  Primarily because everyone else around here doesn’t know how to drive in it, not because I lack the skills.

And so we wait, and The Man, who is all-in-the-same-minute the southern kid internally saying, “SNOW!” and trying to get The Boy to go outside to play, and the adult kept home from work who is worried about going stir crazy with a limited amount of things to do at home, doesn’t know what to do with himself.

The Man in the snow

I’m hoping we can go back to work and school tomorrow, but I doubt we will (The Man will, even if he just goes out to ride around in his truck all day).  And so, we wait…


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