Not a Great Result

Met about the band thing today, and basically we need to find him a tuba somewhere or they are going to make him switch to a different instrument, which he doesn’t want to do.  They didn’t seem too interested in discussing strategies to help him participate in band.  The band director kept saying, “but if he doesn’t have a tuba to practice…” as if that was his out.  This solidifies my theory that he orchestrated the return of the practice tuba to the high school director.

He complained about the needs of “the ensemble” and his “high expectations” – I shut that right down by saying, “This is 6TH GRADE BAND, and you are a TEACHER.  He is 12 and he is LEARNING.”

I’m at a loss.  This seems cruel to me, especially after listening to the “counselor” reiterate time and time again that there might be other students in the class who are missing out on the opportunity to play tuba because The Boy is playing it…  What?? Needless to say, she will never be a part of any meeting I attend again.

Supposedly they are asking around the district to see if anyone has a practice tuba he can use, but I know this will end up in my lap – if he wants to play tuba, I will need to purchase one (no one even rents them).

It’s hard not to be disheartened.


5 thoughts on “Not a Great Result

  1. Geez. Good for you for pointing out this is middle school. Some adults (teachers and parents) take things WAY too seriously. Get a perspective people! How discouraging about not having access to a tuba though. Is there any way to stay after school and practice there with their tuba? I know that’s not convenient, but I can’t think of much else. Have you tried things like contacting a nearby college to see if they have one to rent/borrow/buy? I guess tubas aren’t plentiful because it’s assumed the aren’t in high demand. If only he had picked the trumpet or clarinet….

    • Because of his transportation across the county, he already leaves an hour before school starts just to get there on time (same problem after school). I tried the local colleges today with no luck. Still searching! 😉

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