Book Club: The Reason I Jump

I watched a Daily Show clip this week, and almost immediately ordered the book being discussed.  In fact, I paused the clip about 15 seconds in to do so.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big reader about autism.  I live it, so I don’t necessarily need to read about someone else’s trials and tribulations.  That may seem glib, but there’s a limit, you know?

reasonAnyway, something in this interview, and perhaps it was that I respect Jon Stewart so much for what he has done for raising funds for autism, or the fact that the author being interviewed (David Mitchell, who didn’t write the book, but made it happen) also has a son with autism, but whatever it was, this book seemed compelling.

I think all of us with children on the spectrum would give our own various body parts just to know what our children are thinking, what is going on in that brain of theirs…

And this book was written by a 13 year old Japanese boy with autism, Naoki Higashida, about autism, and about what it is like to be on the spectrum.

I’ve ordered my copy, and will post some book-clubby type posts on my facebook page coming up if you are interested.  They’ll start Wednesday, October 7th – does that give you enough time to get a copy and start reading?  I hope so.  I can’t wait to start reading!


One thought on “Book Club: The Reason I Jump

  1. I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m up to my eyeballs in baby-prep books but if it’s good it’d be a great break from the routine! 🙂

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