Poppy’s Advice

Hypodermic Needle Pen by Virany

Hypodermic Needle Pen by Virany

Today, The Boy had to get his first shot in a long while.  I know there isn’t a kid on Earth who likes getting shots, but the thought of getting a “poke” sets my kid on edge as soon as he knows about it.  This time, he was so anxious, he created a fictional story about having to go to OT in a nearby city as the reason why I had to pick him up a bit early from school today, instead of the reality of going to his doctor’s office for a booster shot.  In fact, every time we go to the doctor, his first question is, “Do I have to get a shot?”

I have been prepping him since October for this one, and when we’ve talked about it, I offered him the advice my needle-shy dad always gave me for getting through a shot: “Think of something else!”  I also shared with The Boy that Poppy always thinks of Mickey Mouse when he got his shots (or gets blood drawn), and so I usually think of Mickey Mouse, too!

The Boy was anxious as we waited for the nurse, but I reminded him to just think of something else, like Sonic or Steam Boat Willie, and it would be over so quick he wouldn’t believe it.  He ended up getting two pokes, one in each arm, but he squeezed his eyes shut, thought of something else, and looked so brave and adult, I almost got teary.

Afterwards, we went and got ice cream (even though it’s only in the 40s), and stopped at our favorite little toy shop and picked up a small airplane he had had his eye on.  Even with the pokes, it was a Fun Friday.  And I was so proud of my little man (and so geeked my dad’s advice has stood the test of time)!


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