Threats and Knots

Binder's knotYou know how some people thrive on conflict, and when they can’t find any create some on which to feed?  Yeah, that’s not me.  When my parents (very rarely) argued when I was little, I would crawl under tables and hide in closets and they weren’t even shouting at each other.  Conflict ties my stomach in knots and makes me head for the bathroom.

The ex is one of those that thrives on conflict.  He also has anger issues, so things can escalate quickly, loudly, and threateningly.  Today, he has threatened to contest our move down south.  Not when I told him we were moving in December.  Not on February 10 which was the last time he spoke to his son until Monday.  Nope.  Today.  Why?  Because he isn’t happy that I am unable and unwilling to adjust my vacation plans (i.e. cut my vacation short by 2 days) to accommodate his inability to pick up his son in a timely fashion for his visitation on spring break.

Luckily, this escalation was all via text, and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  My side: all business (the parenting agreement states… I can meet you on these dates…  it is your visitation, so you need to make the arrangements).  His side:  all bluster (expletive… don’t you dare threaten me…  I will contest your move… you might be very nervous come this spring).  All in text, all documented.

And my stomach is in knots.

And I’ve contacted my attorney.


9 thoughts on “Threats and Knots

  1. I think we may have the same ex….. Or maybe they are just related to each other. My ex is exactly the way you describe yours. Makes the job of parenting our child with special needs that much more difficult. 😦

  2. Hopefully he is just talking out his ass. He knows how important you moving is to YOU. It’s the only ammo he has on you. But I don’t even know you or him and from what it sounds like, he doesn’t have a pot to piss in to even have the chance to take you to court. They’d laugh him out and tell him to take the money he was going to spend on court and start paying you your damn child support!

    Deep breaths. This will pass. It’s too much work for him to get the ball rolling.

    • Pretty much. If he’s consistent in anything, it’s that he never follows through. It’s still no fun being threatened. Gonna try to see what I can do (if anything) to stop that behavior with the force of law.

      • My ex threatened me with court too when I stripped him of his visiting after he gave my 14 year old and two other 14 year olds booze over Christmas. As the custodial parent I had legal rights to do that per my lawyer. At first I was stressed about it but then I realized he’s all talk just like everything else in his life. Nothing became of it because it would have been too much moolah and effort on his part. And he likely would have been laughed out of the court room.

        Good luck, it’s still better to have education and knowledge on your side when fighting these doofuses so it’s probably good to investigate your rights.

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