This Week (I can’t believe it’s March!)

First Crocus from a few years ago

First Crocus from a few years ago

This week I am…

Re-Reading Emma by Jane Austen, second only to Pride and Prejudice in my book.

Watching Dr. Who on Netflix.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I enjoy it!  Campy, but fun.

Anticipating the end of next week, when my busiest time of year comes to an end.  Also, Spring Break when I get to head South again to see The Man, and our moving day in June which is fast approaching!

Listening to very little, and enjoying the quiet.

Lamenting my cracked fingernails, the fireplace pilot light not wanting to be re-lit, my way-too-long hair (I’m about 2 weeks overdue for a cut!), and this darned cold.

Trying to develop a new plan to work out, and pre-organize my kitchen.

Getting up the nerve to do my taxes.

In disbelief that I’m hearing birds chirping outside (and trying not to get too excited yet for the end of Winter – we have a solid 6 weeks left here).

Savoring any sleep I can get, quiet time with the boy, purposeful disruption to our routine (mostly trips to the convenience store), and not having to do anything today.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


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