Pre-Organizing My Kitchen

The Man, The Boy and I went to our local IKEA store last week and walked out with… nothing!  For the first time ever (as far as I can recall), I walked out without buying a single thing!  But, I did pick up the IKEA Kitchen Dreambook, the Buying Guide called “Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen”, and the Kitchen Planning Guide, all free resources from IKEA.

free resourcesWe’re not buying a new kitchen anytime soon, but I have been looking for ideas about how best to organize the one we have (the one I’ll be moving my stuff into this year).  Because I know that, like goldfish, stuff tends to grow to fit its surroundings, and I don’t need more kitchen stuff.  I just need to store it in a smart way.

I haven’t given it a thought until now because my current kitchen is tiny.  As in, I have three drawers, and seven total cabinets.  Stuff is hidden, but once you open those cabinets and drawers, you’re on your own.  Good luck finding anything.

I also checked out the book, 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization by Joseph R. Provey in January (and I’ve renewed it so I can continue to ogle the pictures).  It also has many ideas for storage, even if you are just re-organizing and not building new, and has lots of how-tos for retro-fitting existing cabinets with new features to make them more functional.

My next step is to catalog all of the kitchen items that will be making the move, and classify them according to the three main work zones: cooking, washing, and storage (sounds like a perfect job for Excel – I know, I’m a dweeb).  Once I have that accomplished, I can start to allocate items to certain cabinets, so that when I pack them for the big move, I can pack them and  label them according to work zones, and even cabinets.

And finally, based on my planning, I can get The Man to work on retro-fitting our cabinets with pullout trays, lazy susans, and helper trays.



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