No Black Friday for Me, Thank You Very Much

I am not interested in fighting for stuff.  I really have plenty of stuff, and so do all of the people for whom I might be shopping this season.  On this day, the day after we have given thanks for all of the stuff we already have, I will not go buy more stuff (am I starting to sound like George Carlin yet?).

We may visit the outlet mall near where we are staying, and we may not.  If it looks like there are too many people, we will probably stay poolside in the hotel and be lazy for another day.  This is my vacation, after all.  I am often overwhelmed by people (albeit young people) in my regular job, I do not need to be overwhelmed by people on my vacation, too.

So if you are one of the people who camps out the night before (or you went to one of those stores that actually opened on a National Holiday), more power to you.  You can take my spot.  I am much more content to sleep, eat leftover turkey, watch inane TV, and just relax.


Wake me when we get to Cyber Monday…


One thought on “No Black Friday for Me, Thank You Very Much

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