Va-Cay-Shun: Update

Vacation is sometimes a double-edged sword for those of use with special needs kids.  It’s rarely a vacation for us adults, although a fun change of pace.  And the kids, well, the lack of structure and normalcy can tend to lead to bad things.  This happened to us earlier this summer when The Boy’s dad blew off his week of visitation, and three weeks of vacation turned out to be just too much for him to handle.  It was rough.

This time around, things have been different.  I don’t want to be premature (or jinx it), but he seems to have turned a corner.  We have had fewer meltdowns, less refusal to get in the car and go somewhere, and an overall much more peaceful time.  It’s been about a week, and we have another week to go, so cross your fingers for us.

Having the beach here helps a great deal.  We went yesterday with Poppy and The Man met us for an hour of swimming (on his lunch).  We were at the beach for 2-3 hours, and The Boy spent the entire time in the water.


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