Me-Time: Quick Treat

Part of being a single mom, is that there isn’t someone right there when you need that understanding look, the encouraging touch or that gesture of appreciation.  And if you are a single mom to a child with autism, you don’t often get empathy even from him (or her).  But there is absolutely no reason that you cannot take a moment to be kind to yourself, to give yourself that moment of appreciation.  In fact, that’s necessary, in my book.

And it doesn’t have to be a spa day, or paying for a babysitter for a breather.  It can be as simple as a smoothie.  In fact, you’d be surprised how far a smoothie can go toward making you feel special.

Smoothies aren’t difficult to make, and you will find millions of “recipes” if you search for them.  I’ve done this before, sucked all the fun and spontaneity out of something like this, because I have this innate need to “do it right”.  I’ve learned (largely from The Man), to do for the sake of doing, and try not to get paralyzed in the planning.

So here’s how I made my smoothie today:

Put (roughly) half a 14 oz. container of Vanilla frozen yogurt into blender…

Fill blender to 1 C line with milk…

Toss in a mess of fruit (in my case, blackberries!)…


Et Voilà! A smoothie just for you!

I LOVE the purple color of this one!  I confess to adding some Devonshire Cream to mine, as well.  The best part about this is, if it comes out too runny for your tastes, you add more ice cream, if it’s too thick, add more milk.  Be careful about using very juicy fruit, as that can make it a bit runny, as well.

If the kiddos are around, and you need to make more, just add more of everything!

What kind of smoothie do you like best?


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