My Inner Biker Chick

Happy Halloween, Everybody!  Since Halloween is an opportunity for us to show our alter egos, I thought this would be an appropriate post…

OK, I’m sharing a lot in this post.  Stuff that I’m pretty sure my husband would laugh at me for, but I’m still gonna share it, and I’ll explain why at the end.

Last week Wednesday, I was a wreck.  If you remember, I had this IEP meeting scheduled the next day with 10 school district personnel, and no idea of their intentions.  Except I was pretty sure they were going to have arguments against what I think is best for The Boy.  I wasn’t prepared, and I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of myself.  I have been a special needs parent for a long time, but lucky enough to not have to fight for my child when it comes to modifications, accommodations, and placements.

And now I have to fight, and I’m not confident enough to do it alone.

I went to my mom’s house and cried.  And talked.  And felt better, although still apprehensive. (Thank goodness for moms!)

biker chickOn the way home, I heard Cake’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket.”  Music has always had an effect on me, and has been able to literally change my mood in the span of one song.  It’s what I use to get motivated on a big project (or just to clean the house).  Well, this song helped me a great deal that day.  It started me thinking of a strong capable woman that isn’t going to take crap from anybody, and it started me thinking that it really was me all along.  I was that girl with a short skirt and a loooooooong jacket.  (You really must take a listen.)

Here’s why I share visions of my inner biker chick, called forth by a coincidental listening to Cake: because we all suffer from these periods of wreckedness.  We all think that sometimes we just can’t.  But for me (and maybe for some of you), listening to the right songs can remind us of our inner strength, that goddess/biker chick that really is pretty darn tough.  Tough enough to fight, and tough enough to roll with the punches.

Time to go get a leather jacket to wear to the next meeting, and a machete so I can cut through the red tape… 😉


Strong Women

I recently wrote a post about my aunt who has been a special needs mom for almost 50 years.  My great-aunt, who is around the same age, and from the same side of the family, is another example from the long line of strong women whom I am proud to call my family.  If you google her name, the first site to come up is a recent article about seniors and social media.  At 87, she is connected, and using the internet to stay in touch with family.  She is also a (retired) child psychologist, and still does evaluations for the local school district.  In her spare time, she is on several committees in her retirement community, runs the library there, does water aerobics, cardiac fitness, zumba, and walks three miles three times a week.

Are you freaking kidding me?  I can only in my wildest dreams hope to be like her when I am 87!

She and I connected because we both had an interest in genealogy, and since she is technically one of my forebears, we had even more to share.  She actually wrote a family history of her parents and siblings, which I found invaluable, as my grandparents (her sister and brother-in-law) both passed away before I was really at an age to revel in their stories.  It also gave some back-story to the tales I heard my father tell as I was growing up about when he was a kid, and they would drive two states away to visit “the farm” and the huge family that would descend on this mythical place.  Did I mention her family story is being published?

When my uncle told me how proud he was of me, for living my life the way I have and raising my son the way I have, I didn’t know what to say.  I look at these ladies, my mom, my aunt, my great-aunt, and realize that, thanks to them, I don’t know any other way to be.