Festival Season

This weekend was the local festival – HUGE deal in these parts.  It’s not even in our town , but everyone in the county, probably in several counties comes to this thing (in the town next door).  Locals stay away until the waning hours on Sunday.  I worked for our friend’s ferry service all day on Saturday, and the better part of the day on Sunday. The boys came to visit while I worked, and The Man took The Boy on some rides, and provided taxi and food delivery services to me both days – he was amazing.

View from my booth

View from my booth


Me at my booth

Me at my booth


Just something about a fair at night...

Just something about a fair at night…


It was fun, nice to make some money, and great to be outdoors and helping people all day long.  Everything was too expensive, but the food was good, and it’s something to experience, anyway.  Two more festivals next weekend… It’s that time of year, down here 😉



Busy, Busy

It’s that time of year, isn’t it?  Everyone feels it.  And mostly, we do it to ourselves.  Fill up those calendars with things to do, and then wonder why this season is so stressful.

Part of the problem in our house is that I teach band and choir, and The Boy is involved in band and choir, which makes for multiple concerts and mandatory attendance.  (Luckily, The Boy’s band concert is actually during the day, and I will miss work for this special event!  Er, I mean… not “luckily”, but, well, you know…)

Ah, The Elementary Choir Concert...

Add a birthday (and a birthday party) in the middle of all of those rehearsals and concerts, and it can be beyond hectic, especially in a single-parent household.  How do I do it?  Carefully scheduled mental health personal days, babysitters, and the mantra “this too shall pass”.  Don’t get me wrong — I love this season: the music, the neighborliness, the giving, the traditions.  The stress, though?  That, I can definitely do without.

What do you do to ensure it is a season of good cheer instead of Bah Humbug?